Feng Shui is the practice of decorating interiors with the intention of harmony and balance. Everything we own contains energy, or Chi’ and the goal is to lift and circulate that energy gently and easily. One way to circulate the energy gently is through furniture and the placement of it. Choose the wrong piece and it can make that energy slow down or speed up. When the balance is right the space feels incredible, soft and safe…..choose the wrong piece and and you could feel uneasy,and restless.

While this space above is lovely, it is an example of bad feng shui. Never should you buy and place a piece of furniture that is sharp like this pointed cocktail table. This would definitely fall into the uneasy and unsafe category. If your furniture has the opportunity to “bite” it is not a good idea to have it. And if there is a chair directly across from one of those points, no one will ever sit in the chair…it is an innate instinct we have whether you recognize it or not.

Instead, opt for something comfy and less dangerous. This photo above is a great example of choosing something that will allow the chi’ to meander, and allow all of your guests to be comfortable, without sacrificing comfort or style.

Do you have things in your home that may be bad for your Chi’?

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