There are nine areas in Feng Shui to boost our environments. In order for feng shui to work, you must live with intention to garner an exceptional life, but intention takes focus and awareness, something many of us lack due to our hectic, workaholic, addictions we call “being productive”. Considering all the great options, nine in total, there is always two areas that are most often asked for: Love and money. But what about creativity, family and wisdom? Meh, that stuff’s for the birds.

It’s no surprise that with so little attention on the world around us, the thought of being present on all nine areas could at first be daunting, even down right overwhelming. However, if you are looking for love and avoiding that ‘intention for detail’ and expecting your prince or princess to walk through the door, that’s simply doing the same thing but expecting a different result. Like all things in life what we focus on expands, so it doesn’t hurt to sprinkle on a little feng shui, love potion, 911.

As I mentioned before, there are nine areas within a home that correlate to different areas in our life. Love and relationships is located in the back right corner of a home or apartment. This location is determined by facing your front door from the exterior of your home. Whether this is a garage, toilet or bedroom, this area reflects your love life. How does it look? Are you flushing love down the toilet? Or cramming more stuff into a disheveled garage? If so, it explains your results.

What ever the area is needs to be cleaned and organized. Add items in pink and red (fun organizational containers) and try to keep things in even numbers. I would also suggest adding things related to love that really uplift you and make you happy. Pictures of relationships you admire, and affirmations or quotes about love are great ways to create a sacred space. And the items don’t
have to be visible. They can be tucked under pictures or accessories, you know that they are there and thought creates intention.

When it comes to your own bedroom is it a space for love? Is it inspiring and nurturing, does it uplift you? Most importantly how do you have it decorated? When it comes to being single we all make the same mistakes and decorate for one. Here’s how to master your bedroom for love and become fabulously not-so-single!


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1)Decorate in Pairs

Often singles like to decorate around their own needs. So selfish! One nightstand, one lamp with no invitation for a guest. Without an invitation you send the intention that the space is for you and you only. Booo!

2) It’s Not a College Dorm Room

People love decorating their “public” spaces but fall short when it comes to the space we spend a quarter of our lives. It’s always the last to be decorated, and the first to be ignored. (sounds like my first marriage, but I digress) Treat it like the restful, loving space that it is. Even if you don’t have a lot of money you can easily add a soft color of paint, add good lighting and surround yourself with items that remind you of love.


3) Linens

Always, always buy the best linens you can afford. Sumptuous linens will make you feel decadent and add luxury to your life. Having luxury instantly makes you feel special, and puts you on the fast track for attracting love. (And may encourage bouts of sleeping naked. Whoo-hoo!)

4) Pictures

Never ever have pictures of single people or of family in your bedroom. Instead, add pictures that inspire love, and showcase pairs of things. Ham it up, have fun and surround yourself with things that make you laugh out loud.



5)  Get Rid of the Clutter

Many times I will go to a clients home and their bedroom looks like a disaster zone. Clothes flung everywhere, “that” chair with everything hanging on it, office work, computers…etc, etc. Keep it clean and simple. And absolutely no office work in the bedroom….unless it’s for role playing. Bam!

6) Adornments

And finally, always add luxurious adornments that are self-indulgent. A crystal clock, silver trays for jewelry, fresh flowers, candles, soft music, and it never hurts to have a beautiful container of sinful treats like chocolate, fruit, flavored vodka… What ever is “indulgent” to you, use it!

Be mindful of how you speak and act in your home. All nine areas boost your intention. Add flowers, affirmations, quotes and things that remind you of love. Speak kindly to yourself and stop saying it will never happen. Set the intention that it will and decorate accordingly!

How are you decorating your bedroom? Is it made for love? Whether you are looking for love or in a relationship never neglect your bedroom, and always decorate for love! Want more help or suggestions? Contact me today for a feng shui consultation so that I can help you get unstuck and transform your space from drab to fab!

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