The shiny untouched living room that belongs in the special part of the house no longer exists. You know the one, we all had it growing up. For me, it was “that room” that we only used on special occasions. It was also the room that housed the most expensive pieces that were special. Meanwhile, the sofa we used everyday for fifteen years was old and dilapidated and the left arm was dirtier then….well dirt.

Robert Allen fabrics

As a designer my specialty is designing for active lifestyles. I create rooms that live double lives like secret agents. They look “designer-y” but hold a big secret,… their fabric is special.  Once wimpy and unsuitable for everyday activities, fabric has gone super sonic. Todays commercial fabrics have gotten a big makeover making them suitable for commercial and residential applications. One of my favorite new introductions by Robert Allen is their Modern Couture collection by Dwell Studios. One look and you’ll see why.

Modern Couture by Dwell Studios

It’s colorful, fun and modern; and it’s perfect for the room that gets used everyday because that’s what it’s made for! Tons of colors and patterns this is definitely the investment worth taking if you are purchasing a new piece or reupholstering a new one! To see more click here.

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