When I suggest to clients, that I’d like to use a quilt on their bed, I see shifty, questionable behavior with a lift of one eyebrow. “Um, I’m not sure we are quilt people, nor do I think you heard me correctly when we said we are not traditionalists.” I suppose it is wicked of me to see their discomfort but do know that I will not lead you astray. On the contrary, as a designer it is my job to not only mix it up but give the room new life with texture, color and a vitality is has never seen!

Wild-wood tumbler Handmade quilt

This quilt by IMKquilts,(shown above) is by an artisan quilter out of Owatonna MN. I find this piece colorful, fun, something I could use many times over in my own interiors. Quilts do not have to be stuffy, or doddery but many people hear the word quilt and suddenly get slippery with the idea that their room is about to become their grandmothers!

Sherbet Quilt

This quilt by Bungalow quilts, out of Cincinnati is another great example of a beautiful and colorful quilt that I would spec for a bedroom. Quilts are an excellent way to add character to a room but more importently it is also a way to support handmade skill that is threatened by inexpensive knock-offs that are mass produced and sold for pennies on the dollar. These one-of-a-kind quilts add personality and charm that no one else has. And each handmade quilt is made with a level of pride and love that is unique to each handstitched piece made.

Here are some examples of quilts done right, and these are not your grandmas room!

Erinn Valencich interiors

Interiors by Marian Akinloye