You are about to embark on a big project, your new kitchen! Is it possible to do Interior design and Feng Shui? What exactly does that look like? How do you do it? And most importantly, can energy work be pretty?

Even though I’m an interior designer I focus the majority of my practice on Feng Shui and energy work. In fact, you’ll notice that the majority of my YouTube videos, blog posts, newsletters and my podcast focus primarily on energy and how to improve it.

But here lately the Gates team is getting more and more requests on how to incorporate the pretty into your energy aligned space and I get it. We all love the pretty part, right? What’s the point of the little black dress without the pearls, killer heels and and a kickass handbag?

The main reason I focus so much on the energy part is because in my opinion, it’s the most important aspect to a space, and is easily the most overlooked. Energy is fickle and you can easily get it wrong. You can do the wrong things, get the wrong information and apply it in the wrong way. You can’t really do design wrong. Now your style may not be the style that everyone else likes, but that’s not necessarily going to affect YOUR mood, your circumstances and how you feel. In fact, if you like the funky red couch it’s likely going to boost your Chi, whether your girlfriend calls it the red hippo or not.


But I get it. Many of you are now realizing that beautiful energy is what equals a beautiful space but you still want beautiful decor to look at. I so get this because I love beautiful things. I love high quality, luxurious things because they influence my mood, and that’s why I’m an interior designer. To me, our environment is the one thing that can dramatically change our circumstances on a dime. So today I’m going to share with you my client Greg’s house, and show you how we got his beautiful kitchen energy aligned in three easy steps, and you can too!

Step 1 – Create a serene environment. This looks different for everyone. This can be through the use of color (like the color on Greg’s island) using natural stones, or maybe it’s the addition of great lighting.

Step 2 – Adding mirrors is a great way to push, absorb, or reflect energy. Plus, mirrors are darn pretty! The best place to put one is behind the stove to put you in command.

Step 3 – Hang a wind chime. In Greg’s case this helped slow the energy down, but a wind chime can also call in new energy to help you get that raise or promotion, lift your Chi or break up heavy energy.

As I always say, get the energy right and everything else follows! Now your very pretty space feels as good as it looks! BOOM!