Free Training To Your People

September 11th (7 PM)


Suggested Subject: The Missing Piece Of Your Happiness

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I’m over the moon excited today to share with you something that can change your life forever.  It’s not often we believe promises like this but it’s true.  


Amanda Gates, Interior design and feng shui practitioner has allowed me to invite you to “The Missing Piece”, her signature free training and it starts today.


3 Reasons You MUST attend Amanda’s free class.

  1. Uncover the missing piece of your life, if you’re feeling unsatisfied, struggling with anything in life, debt, health issues, or even just feeling blah from time to time  you can’t miss this training.
  2. Learn a tool, you’ve never heard of that will allow you to create an environment that is healthy, happy, and setup to work for you instead of against you.  
  3. Understand the mystery and magic of FS and how to apply it to get what you want in life.  Seriously this stuff works.


Here is everything you need to know to join The Missing Piece- Amanda’s Free Training. (Insert link here)


Click Here for Video Series

Video 1: (LIVE TODAY)

Video 2: (goes up on Sep 13th)

Video 3: Facebook LIVE (September 18)

I’ll be there!


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