Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am all about the “easy road” when it comes to entertaining. I have enough crazy in my life, so I don’t need to add more with holiday festivities.

I want them to be a joyous occasion with friends and family where I can ENJOY them and not focus on stressful decorations! Here are some of my favs that I have come across in the last few days that would definitely make it on my holiday to-do list:

Holiday centerpiece with fruit and craft paper leaves 

Take construction paper and trace leaves from outside. Take sticks or curly wire from a craft store and glue it to the leaves.

For added punch crease the leaves and gently outline with chalk and rub with

the oils in your fingers to give an aged look.

Holiday hurricanes

Take glass hurricanes from around the house and wrap them in colored tissue paper. Tack with a dot of tooth paste, or glue and voila,

a beautiful burning glow for your mantel or center piece.

Turkey trivia place card

Cut out the bird on heavy weight paper. Write questions on one side of the feathers and answers on the other. Fasten with a paper fastener.

Put the guests name on the body of the bird and you have yourself a charming place card and a great conversation starter.

Turkey template

For template click here.

Plate presentation

Put plates and dishes on display when serving a buffet. This is a great way to set out china a week or so in advance. It keeps dust off the dishes and prevents breakage, and dirt from those silly

shenanigans that Harvey is always up to.  Bell jars, cloches and cake covers are easily found at flea markets, and yard SALES and create a beautiful display for your china that is charming and sweet. Also, stupidly easy! love that!

Candles on a spiral staircase

Candle light is the easiest and most glamourous item to add to your holidays. Simple glass votives can come from vintage double old fashions, shot glasses, or inexpensive candle holders from

a craft store.

Photos 1-6 via, and photo 7 via

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