My advanced course, Mastering Feng Shui is the best online course to learn real Feng Shui. I developed this course out of pure frustration because so many people were learning the wrong things and then blaming the Feng Shui. They would read more, learn more and then get more confused because the information was conflicting with what they learned before. So I’m sure a lot of you were getting frustrated like me!

Many people are scared by the term advanced and think they need to know something about Feng Shui to even take this course. That simply is not true. I call this an advanced course because I teach you everything you need to know to get started in Feng Shui, and rather than just teach you useless nuts and bolts, I teach you the who, what, why and where so you fully understand how to make Feng Shui work for you! I’m tired of all the courses out there teaching fluff and bulls*t. I want you to walk away from this course confident and ready to kick ass!

Today Early-Bird Enrollment is officially open! This gives you a chance to grab your spot, enjoy extra incentives and sign-up before the general public does. Go here and get on the newsletter list to receive notifications, links and extra goodies. As soon as you sign up you’ll start getting the notifications and links to register. You’ll also receive monthly information on how to improve your Feng Shui with insider tips and tricks.

To learn more about what the course offers, head on over to this information page that gives you the week-by-week break down of each module. This course is 2 months of everything you need to learn to get started in reading floor plans like me! And FYI – when you go to the courses page you’ll notice that nothing is for sale and it says the course doesn’t open until March. As long as you’re on the list (link above) you gain access to early-bird registration before everyone else! BAM! You have lifetime access and can take as long as you need to learn the information.

I can’t wait to see you on the other side!

Get on the course list here for early bird enrollment!

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