Let’s face it, windows without draperies just look naked. I remember when I was in my twenties living in a house with over 30 windows with no drapes. It was awful. While the house looked unfinished and naked, I refused to have bad drapes for the sake of having them. Now I make sure to buy houses with less windows and always budget for drapery….they are the ball gown or sundress for your windows, and transform a room as much as a fresh coat of paint.

Drapery done correctly can soften a room, help absorb sound and add depth. But have you ever considered drapery on a door way? Using design elements out of context is a great way to add that element of surprise; like using drapery in entrances, hallways and doorways. This space shown below, (photos courtesy of StyleBlueprint yesterday), feature the Phelan house with just that element of surprise. As an added bonus these drapes draw the eye up, and frame a beautiful bull sculpture with horns. A stunning example of draperies used out of context and done very well!

The neutral palette is easy on the eyes and with so many wonderful architectural details the space is hardly boring. What is your favorite part of this room?
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