All of us lead active lifestyles. Kids, pets and family can be hard on your upholstery and it shows in the rooms that are most often used. So how can you clean them? It is best to avoid over the counter cleaning products like Resolve, or Wool-lite. Most of them contain oils that will leave a film or residue, that attract more dirt leaving stains larger and more visible. Never attempt to clean your upholstery without knowing what the fabric is first. Carpet is a great example of this. Many carpets contain olefin and cheap recycled products that act as stain guards. Unfortunately, those stain guards are on the surface of the fibers, so when a spill occurs the protectant is removed and your carpet is now exposed to new dirt and stains. It’s best to look for a cleaning code on the fabric tag found on the frame underneath your cushions or tag under the carpet so you are better equipped with the right products. There are 4 different cleaning codes found on furniture, fabrics and rugs:

Upholstery Cleaning codes

If you can’t find a code, then it’s best to leave it to the professionals to choose the best cleaning method.  The fabric dictates which method will be the most effective and also how well it will clean. Most professionals like Citru Solution charge between $50 to $100 to clean a sofa or rug. If you decide to hire a professional always have them do a test spot first. If you’re not satisfied, or they cannot get the results you want, then it is best not to have it cleaned. Unfortunately, some fabrics and rugs, especially those made of acrylics and synthetic fibers cannot be effectively cleaned.

Upholstery cleaning

When purchasing new upholstery for your home it is best to consider what fabrics are being used in what type of room. An active room requires more than a guest room. If you have a choice always go with natural fabrics like wool, cotton or linen. They are easier to clean and not as finicky as synthetics. Or consider using commercial fabrics, they are high performance and handle messy lifestyles well.

After your upholstery has been cleaned hang your rug up or stand chair and sofa cushions up, to allow them to thoroughly dry. I highly recommend if you hire a professional to call Rose Upholstery cleaning or Citru Solution. Both use all natural cleaners that are not harsh and safe for kids and pets. Stains are inevitable, but before you allow your furniture to talk dirty, figure out the fabric materials otherwise you’re the one who gets punished!