Last week I flew to California to help a client stage her home. She and I remodeled the entire house in 2006 and 2007 but we never started the master bathroom. It was the project we were always ‘gonna get to’ and never did. Now the homeowner/client has purchased another home in another state and needs to sell this house before spring. Staging is a fairly simple process…as long as the bones are good. This million dollar home has exceptional bones and needed very little staging. In total we spent about a thousand dollars to foof and fluff six thousand square feet. Not bad considering its size, and the original interior design wasn’t bad if I don’t say so myself. .

The bathroom however, was another story. I really did not know what to do with it in two short days. The custom tile I selected six years ago was installed on the floor and the homeowner decided to resurface the cabinets, but the remodeling stopped there. The fixtures were added in a last ditch effort to revamp the space to make it appear “updated” but fell a bit short with the still pink counters. My goal was to play up the pink and accent it with chocolate brown and acid green. The challenge would be FINDING those key items in just two days…..

We found this stool at TJMAXX. It had a lovely purple and cream chenille fabric that just wouldn’t work so we went on the hunt for a fabric to reupholster it. This fabric (shown above) is the perfect combination of brown, pink and green…just what I was looking for!

Then we found this rug. It worked perfectly with the new fabric. More importantly it has a large bold print with strong colors….a great distraction to help combine all the crazy colors in this bathroom.


Obviously the counters are still pink, and the colors are still a bit of a mess. BUT instead of fighting the color combination that once did not make sense I was able to play into those colors by finding items that complimented one another and calmed the space down. Now the buyer will see potential in this space and not feel overwhelmed.

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