Every season sparks our creativity and different moods. It is human nature to want warmth and cozy interiors in the fall and fresh bright colors in the spring. So what can you do when you decide to redecorate but fall flat on ideas? Here are a few clever ideas I found on the web that are sure to get your creative juices flowing, and decorating efforts going in the right direction!

Paint your front door a fresh and fun new color. Excellent for welcoming guests, and gets the energy of your home revved up for good fortune. It also gets your guests excited to enter your home, and is a delight to their eyes. Don’t forget to add bright shiny hardware to give your door that

Reupholster one chair in the room you are decorating in a wildly fun print. It will completely change the look and feel in an instant. How amazing is this chair? Does it make you happy? Are the colors exciting? Yes and Yes! This would be a terrific addition to any room and will delight the eyes over and over making the room intoxicating and cheery.

Update, organize and paint your bookshelves. This is something I will be talking about in my teleclass this week. Organizing alone will make a huge impact in your space, but add accessories and color and it changes the look instantly. It is also a great way to quickly change for the seasons.

Add book pages to one or all of your walls in the room you are decorating for creating conversation and texture. Such a simple and easy way to decorate. Not to mention inexpensive. Find a book with noteworthy quotes, or scenes and recite during a dinner party…or perhaps the guests have to determine the author or book name. Make it fun and engaging!

Whether you redecorate the entire room or simply make a few adjustments those little things make a big difference in how the room looks and feels. And if all else fails:


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