I’m often asked by clients where I like to shop. It really depends on the project and client, which may not always be what you want to hear. So many factors play into my decisions on designing a room, but ultimately it comes down to selecting products that fit into my design concept for that particular project. One of my favorite new resources for clients is Pure Home.

It is a site that offers my clients, and every day folks like you, the necessary tools to execute your project with ease. With just a few clicks they will ask you questions that help you figure out your style and colors with out the hassle of weeding through thousands of products that you probably shouldn’t be looking at or buying.


Their process prevents you from being overwhelmed or buying unnecessary items by asking you questions  ahead of time. This helps you understand your preferences and then directs you to the exact items that meet your needs. Awesome! You’ll know paint, furniture and accessories all with the click of a button. I love it when shops make our lives easier.

Another one of my new favorite crushes is Furbish. I love my interiors to have a mix of new and old so it feels collected. This shop gives me the ability to do just that. With a great mix of new and vintage pieces it’s easy to add that spunk to any interior with a pair of vintage candlesticks or a fun new rug from this site.

This shop does require a little more expertise on creating that thing I like to call design magic. Without a plan you might end up buying the wrong thing, however, with that aside, it is the perfect place to cozy up your home with unique items that other places won’t have!

What are some of your favorite places to shop? DO you have a particular style that a particular online store caters to?

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