Today I am traveling to Little Rock, Arkansas for Tobi Fairley’s designer MBA course. I have known Tobi for four years. I first read about her in 2009 when Traditional Home deemed her one of 20 national designers to watch. When I was new to twitter in early 2009 I reached out to Tobi and she graciously wrote back. A trait that she is very well known for, she makes everyone feel like she is approachable and easy to talk to; and she is. She even recommended my first coach, Mary Knackstedt to me. In the fall of 2009 I met Tobi at a WithIt conference in High Point North Carolina, and I could not believe how much success and fever was surrounding her in just a few short months. She was on the fast track, kicking ass and taking names.

In early 2010, Maria Killam and I worked with Mary in New York. It was an amazing experience and also a deflating one. I knew right away that I had much to do if I wanted to reach success like Maria and Tobi. Maria was an incredible mentor that trip and advised me on some serious bullet points to get started right away if I wanted my business to be successful. She was so inspirational with so many plates in the air and seriously making a name for herself.

Maria Killam and I in 2010

When I returned from New York I was motivated, inspired and ready to set some hard goals and get focused. Unfortunately, life had another plan, and two weeks after that trip I discovered infidelity in my 10 year marriage. I was shaken to the core and destroyed on every level but I refused to let anyone know. Not even my closet friends knew what was going on in my life. I moved into an apartment and did what I could to move forward. Since then I had to close my brick and mortar studio, let go off my staff, sell off everything I own (including my car!) and completely start over. My dear friends, it has been one hell of a journey. I have had immensely good days and mind blowing catastrophic days. Never did I understand what someone was going through when they mentioned the word divorce, until I was going through it myself.

Tobi Fairley Designer MBA

For three years I have been trying to make it to Tobi’s MBA seminar, and I am excited to say that I am finally going. And the best part is I am rooming with Maria again! I am excited to see Maria, (she is even more successful today and I am so proud of her!) and I am excited to get things back on track. I had a little detour, but I am more focused and ready to get rocking’ than even before! I am also excited to meet Barclay Stone from Atlanta and Lisa Fergusen of Decor mentor. This is going to be a great trip!