Design by Numbers

This personally designed gift is intended to open your eyes to the specific vibrational pattern of numbers in your life and how they relate to you personally. Some enhance and others hinder. My goal is to help you understand the difference to help you enhance your life and greatest purpose.

How does it work? Numbers teach you how to accelerate your ambitions and enhance the areas that may be slowing you down, in ways you likely are not even aware of. By examining your office address or home address I can see how it relates to your birth numbers, and I can give you a numerical blueprint that guides you through life.

Numerology has been around for over 11,000 years. To the naked eye numbers seem like simple arithmetic, but up close they are more than just numbers, they are a true science of precise mathematical equations. Our ancestors honored natures natural rhythms. We looked to the stars, and understood numerology and it’s patterns.  Each individual has a set of unique numbers that we are born with. From the day and time that we are born, we are surrounded by a mathematical, vibrational patterns that are forever imprinted on us like a finger print. These numbers define our destiny, personality, purpose, emotional state, and even with whom we are compatible with. With an understanding of this knowledge we can look to the patterns and have an awareness so that we can enhance our lives and avoid what does not serve us. This is not fortune telling. It is more like a weather report and knowing how to navigate the storm with the proper gear.

What your Design By Numbers gift includes:

* A five to six page numerology report on the history of numbers, your numerical thumbprint, what those numbers mean and how they define your life purpose. The report also includes an analysis of how your numerical thumbprint relates to the address of your home or office and whether it is helping or hurting you.

* Your gift includes hand selected items by me to help enhance the space around you. No two thumbprints are alike and neither are the Design By Number gifts. Items will be combined to lift the energy within the space, remove negative energies, enhance, and focus your personal energies to build your environment into a sanctuary that supports you in every way.

Design By Numbers

Examples of items to bless your space are candles for your specific needs, incense, sound enhancers, crystals, sage, or prayers.

If you’d like to better understand the forces around you, how to enhance them to achieve your goals and live more peacefully in your surroundings, Design By Numbers is an excellent way to explore your options and prepare for the weather.

Investment $349

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