It is often said that a coach can change your entire life in less than a year. They bring to the table a level of expertise and guidance to help navigate murky waters of the unknown. I’ve worked with coaches for the past six years and know first hand the value they bring to my business. Simply put, you don’t know what you don’t know. And a coach can get you there faster.

It takes great understanding to see the value of what a coach does. One of my coaches put it in terms that instantly made sense to me:

[Tweet "Value is the conversation of the rich. Cost is the conversation of the poor. Varian Brandon."]

Focusing on the cost rather than the investment value will prevent you from  growth. I’ve been fortunate to work with many great coaches who have helped me see and experience this over and over again. The very first coach I ever worked with gave me one piece of advice, and that piece of advice cost me $6,000, but the value changed the entire landscape of my business. It was worth all six thousand dollars that I paid her because it gained me four times more business in six short months. And I still use that six thousand dollar nugget of advice to this day. That is the power of value.

In the fall of 2011 I was in the midst of hell. I was surrounded by all sorts of turmoil, ( I go into further detail at the end of the podcast so if you want all the juicy details, tune in!) but despite being in turmoil, I decided to attend a conference that I already paid for to get my head out of the sand. Enter in: Melissa Kitto.

We were having lunch at the same table and as we went around the table giving our elevator speeches of what we do, Melissa explained that she was an Angel Guidance Coach. I had never heard of such a coach and to be honest I had my doubts. Was it possible to use higher guidance as a source for vision and focus? Could she tap into an inner wisdom to help cut out the noise? And if so, could she teach me how to do it even in the midst of turmoil?

How to unlock the door to god. |

That was four years ago.  Not only was she able to tap into a higher level of wisdom that I could not attain on my own, but she was able to navigate the murky waters that bordered between coincidence and reality. She has an innate ability to harness everyday sensibility to hone in on your divine gifts and then help you apply them into action. With her advice and direction, I was able to turn my life and purpose around to give back in ways I never imagined.

Can she tap into an inner wisdom to help cut out the noise? Join Melissa and I today to find out, and learn:

  • How to reawaken what you already possess
  • How to stay centered and connected
  • What would you accomplish if you knew you could not fail?
  • How to get confirmation and trust your decisions
  • Daily rituals to keep you tuned in
  • How to get out of your own way
  • How to trust the unknown to allow more to unfold

Once you have a greater understanding of what your spiritual thrust in life is, you can accomplish things with greater clarity and quickness. Why waste years figuring it all out, if you can simply cut to the chase and do it now? Listen below to find out how to connect with God, or find it on iTunes at Design 101.



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