My latest podcasts are up. Have you ever wondered what interior design is like in other cities? Well I often find myself wondering this very question. Knowing many designers all over the country the podcast has now allowed me to ask this very question straight from the designers themselves! My latest podcast with Amy Wolff, from Amy Wolff interiors is a fantastic designer out of Scottsdale, AZ. While the topography of the area may lend to particular colors and some uniques designs, many of the top trends I am seeing in Nashville are top of her request list. Learn the latest and most requested colors, the best finishes to use, kitchen trends and much more! Click her for the iTunes link.

In addition to my podcast with Amy, I have also recorded an introduction with my latest contributor, Ashleigh Lynn. She will be guiding us this summer on our journey to a better backyard space. With a degree in Architectural landscaping and a love for all things outdoor, her insight will surely provide us the necessary tools to get our backyards decorated for the summer season. Be sure to tune-in for additional podcasts with her best tips on decorating your outdoor garden, patio or deck. Click here for the iTunes link

For more information email us at If you have a specific topic or area you’d like me to cover, let me know.

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