Design A la Carte™

Design A la Carte™

This is is a design system built for those who want to pick and choose what services they need. Each phase is a flat fee. You can choose one or all three, it’s entirely up to you, and what works for your project.

Phase 1: The Conceptual Phase.  This is where we come up with the entire concept for your room or space. Including fancy power points, a Pinterest board, paint samples, fabric samples and everything else you need to start and complete your project. This get’s all your to-be-attained items in one place ready for purchase! Services start at $750

Phase 2: Logistics & Procurement. This is the nitty-gritty where we handle all the actual purchasing of products and hiring of any contracted vendors necessary to accomplish the look described in Phase 1. This phase is the most time consuming as it can sometimes take months to achieve the desired results. Services start at $1200

Phase 3: Installation. This is the huge payoff moment where you get to sit back and watch it all come to fruition. This is a job that sounds simple, but really requires a lot of know-how and timing to make it all work flawlessly. When done professionally, there are no loose ends and left over things to be done – the only thing left to do is enjoy! Services start at $1500


*It’s important to note that phase two and phase three are add on’s for our custom design concepts. We do not offer phase two or phase three for items we are not familiar with or have not selected.



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