It’s one of those things that makes or breaks a home. When things feel consistent you easily glide from one room to another and everything just seems right in the world. Your energy feels great, your mood elevated and the house…well it’s elevated too because it’s energy circulates delicious flow. That happy feeling creates ease and seamless movement through your home because of Chi. All of our homes consist of Chi, a philosophy from Feng Shui that every person, place and thing are alive and need appropriate flow to feel right.

When a home has a different theme in each room, different colors, clutter and no consistency it is very jarring. The energy is disrupted and the occupants and guests can’t quite get their bearing’s. You may fidget, feel tired, or anxious and not know why. In order to create flow in your home it is necessary that you remove or organize the clutter. Being organized allows you to feel “together.” It is also necessary to surround yourself with things of meaning, not just random tchotchke’s that you purchased on sale because the price was right. Here are three things to help you get the flow you need now:

1) Get rid of the clutter

De-clutter your life. If you haven’t seen it, worn it, or used it in over a year, donate it. Get rid of the various paper paraphernalia that we all have…and think we need but really don’t. Clutter holds stagnate energy and bogs us down. We feel heavy around it and it often makes a room feel bulky. If one room is somewhat together and the adjacent room is a complete disaster it will make the space feel unbalanced, ultimately disturbing the flow.

2) Color

There are no rules to how many colors you can have in a house or a room…but if done incorrectly it can lead to disaster. There is a billion dollar industry designed for color and professionals who specialize in it because it is based on psychology and complex science. Color affects our mood, it can uplift us or depress us so it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Choose your colors wisely, and make sure they coordinate with what you currently own, the structure of your home and the other rooms of the house. If any one thing can make an immediate impact on the flow of your home, it’s color!

3) Furnishings

Your investment pieces should be similar in style and shape from room to room. Whether that is through color, fabric, or actual style of furniture it helps pull each room together. It is a term I call “cross pollinating”. The two rooms above are adjacent to one another. Standing in the entrance if you look to your left you see dining, and to your right you see library. I have pulled these rooms together with similar style of furniture and color. The lines are the same and there is an easy flow between the two spaces. They just make sense and they have beautiful flow.


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