A few weeks ago I did a small little post on Darryl Carter, (http://abhomeinteriors.blogspot.com/2009/05/darryl-carter.html) and his beautiful designs. His aesthetic is clean, fresh, and stylish but simple and easy to read. He has introduced a new line through Thomasville that oozes restraint and grace, hence the mention on my blog. Mr Carter himself apparently saw my post. I really didn’t say much; thank GOD I didn’t go off on one of my rants. I really could go on and on about Mr Carter. Well to my surprise, as my staff and I slaved over the rearrangement of the showroom (for our new sale), in walks the post man with the above letter; FROM MR CARTER HIMSELF!! So Darryl if you are reading this post too, I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to write to me. It is something so simple yet meant the world to me and made coming in on a Saturday SO worth it. As you can see I have framed it. I have it in my office above my credenza, and as I strive to become a better designer I will look to this as my inspiration. When I have an unruly client, I will look to this for inspiration, when I want to quit interior design for any number of reasons, I will look to this for inspiration. And when I want to become an attorney I will remind myself there is nothing I would rather do than interior design, and look to this note as inspiration! THANKS!!