For those of you who frequent my blog you are aware of my post, MY life on the D list. If you haven’t read it not only are you missing out on THE greatest post ever, but that means Im SERIOUSLY lacking in sympathy and support points. I was so inspired by all my SITSta (and non SITSta) remarks that I have decided to embark on a journey, a rally of sorts that will be of colossal and enormous proportions!!!

I am announcing my new TARGET Tuesday’s!! Every week until somebody pays attention to me ( insert sad pitiful, feel-sorry-for-me-face or DAMMIT GIVE ME MY OWN LINE FACE!!!!! Which ever works first), I will be posting about all the reasons, with your support, love and encouragement, why I should have my own line at TARGET.

a) creative
b) inspiring
c) affordable
D) All of the above

Some of you may think Im crazy. (but really, who ever got anywhere with being sane!) I have admitted to having holes in my head; but that won’t stop me. A household name I am not, (MILEY CYRUS!!!!!!!!!!) but I can design, implement, and sell a product to which I am more than QUALIFIED to do. I am determined and motivated to prove that it does not take a celebrity name to create a successful line. I don’t sing, dance or sell million dollar records. But I can produce a product that everyone will appreciate and enjoy. Yes, this ideal may seem absurd. It may be foolish to think that a small scale, low key designer like myself can make a movement of this magnitude. However, like Martin Luther King, I have a dream. So Im going to put on my big girl panties, let my designer flag fly high, and dont forget ladies, to put on your pearls!

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