It’s no surprise that when your home is stagnant, cluttered and dirty you feel uninspired. As humans we are made up of 60% water. We have energy fields that while you cannot see them, do exist. And when our spaces are bogged down with messy papers, trash and dust it effects this energy system along with the health of our home. Quantum Physicist Dr. Masaru Emoto has proven time and time again that energy fields not only exist but are effected by our words, and our environments. The old adage of spring cleaning is a good one to follow and can help many of us get that much needed boost to roll our sleeves up and get busy!

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Flash Cards

1) Flash Cards First things first. If you haven’t done a massive cleaning all winter don’t go into a spiral of overwhelm. Create flash cards in bite sized tasks to make it fun and easy. I typically create flash cards for each room in the house, and then make a list of the individual things for that room that need to be done.

Bullet List

2) For each card create a bullet list. I will generally make my bullet list on the actual flash card and then write down each item of that bullet list on it’s own post-it note to further compartmentalize each task.

Level Of Work

3) This is where the fun begins! Really! Lets say for example you have 10 flash cards representing each room in your house. I will put a number at the top right corner representing work level. The number 1 being the easiest (like the never used dining room) and 10 being the hardest, (like the messy office). I will then put the flash cards in a box rotating the task levels for each day. Today may be a 10 but tomorrow will be a 5 or lower and so on.

Time To Roll Up Your Sleeves

4) Time to get busy! Using your flash card, take one post-it note and start that task. When it is completed throw the post-it note away. Continue working through the post-it notes until that flash card is completed. It may seem like a simple thing but throwing that entire flash card away is such a relief!

Whether you knock your flash cards out in a week or a month is entirely up to you. The point is to help you set a goal and work towards it. And you’ll be amazed at how great you feel as you work through them. As you clean up each space and create organization you are creating a healthy, vibrant home. Stirring up that energy will heal your home and create more motivation and inspiration for any task at hand. So don’t be surprised if ideas start rolling in, you become more efficient and feel more healthy. xx Amanda