Conscious Living Everyday

Conscious Living Everyday….

A few months ago I was contacted by a lovely gal named Carrie to help her decorate her guest bedroom. When we met she was excited to the point that I wanted to have what she was drinking. I quickly realized however, her anxiety and unfocused energy had nothing to do with this guest bedroom or even meeting me, but rather a drive to find love again. Certain that it would be impossible to date with her crazy work life, she found other ways to distract herself, like redecorate the guest bedroom. When I had her take me to the love and marriage area of her home it was no surprise that the room was a disaster. Clothes flung everywhere, office papers, a collection of triangle awards and art with singular media. A disastrous combination to say the least. This was not a guest bedroom redecorating project at all, this was rescue her love life 911!I immediately put her on the books for a consultation. I went back to my office and developed a plan. I set goals, made a laundry list of needed items like paint chips, flowers, etc. and energy clearing tools to crate an environment built for love.A month after Carrie and me met I received this personal note:  ” All I know is you are a house whisperer. I feel amazing. I am calm to my core and more content than I have ever been. I have peace, grace and Nick in my life. Thank you!” Carrie S.

Like Carrie many of us crave for something more meaningful in our lives. Whether it’s love, money, better family ties, peace in our career – whatever “it” is, it can be fixed. I’m not talking about crazy superstitions, a talisman or wacky charms. I’m talking real actions to change the energy and intentions in your home to help you achieve results. I’m talking real adjustments, a way of creating environments that are decorated with intention to support you, uplift you and bring more balance in your life. I take what you already have and simply make it better. This is your home on an energetic level, tailored specifically to you, your desires, and your needs. I want to help you create an organic, holistic space that restores you and encapsulates you into pure bliss so that you can go out into the world ready to kick some serious butt!

Are you ready to make some serious changes in your life for the better like Carrie did? Are you ready to make more money, find love or embrace more creativity? Then it’s time to add conscious design to your life now. Contact us today for more info!

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