Earlier this year David and I adopted a new kitten whom we’ve named Miss Winnie the Poo. As many of you who follow me know, this kitten has grown into a full blown, black and white kitty who let’s just say, stinks by passing gas; thus the nickname.

Colloidal Silver - How to Support Sinus Allergies Naturally

We noticed after a few months that she had breathing problems so I took her to the holistic vet. Through Jill we learned an all-natural way to help her without steroids by way of a product known as colloidal silver. What I didn’t know was that this is also a terrific all-natural product for humans too.

Coloidal silver

For people who suffer it can be a tough choice choosing to breathe easy, or take a constant dose of steroids and antibiotics, which can have major side effects. The good news is, colloidal silver can help! Used as an antimicrobial agent that kills microbes, this terrific product is harmless enough to use several times a day, and works.

One major function of our sinuses is to filter the air we breathe that’s filled with microbes, viruses and other problem causing agents. The easiest way to maintain sinus health is to kill pathogens before their numbers increase. Spraying colloidal silver through a neti pot or nasal spray bottle does the trick and helps you avoid many of the pharmaceuticals on the market.

As I ease into a more holistic and all-natural way of living, I have found that tricks like this provide the relief I need without all the unnecessary chemicals. So if you struggle with allergies, give colloidal silver a try. It might surprise you how good it works!

I buy mine at whole foods but you can also find it online. I highly suggest you try it, not only is Miss Winnie breathing easier but so am I!

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