Today’s guest is none other than Moana Dixon and James North of Hunted Fox. This design duo not only curates beautiful collections of unique one-of-a-kind things, but together they create and imagine new ways to look at home. Originally their vision was simple, to construct a line of home goods without constraints. No corporate rules, no by-the-book thinking just collecting for the sake of collecting and sharing with others what they had found. And with that Hunted Fox, a play on words based on their love of “the hunt,” was founded.

How to collect quality pieces and create a home

We believe in the importance and power of community.   We’ve crafted a company that creates and curates items for your home – the place where our lives unfold.  We recognize that the importance of a home is only as great as the people who inhabit it.

How to collect quality pieces and create a home

Several months back as I perused the almighty Instagram I fell down the rabbit hole of inspiration. Within minutes I landed on Hunted Fox and immediately emailed Moana. Everything this brand embodies is what we here at Gates are all about. Beauty, imperfection, and allowing old and new to collide in unusual ways, not to mention her love of ethnic finds immediately stole my heart! Navaho blankets, dream weavers, and linen pillows all from unusual, collected and exotic places. Something I say yes to when creating a home!

We are all part of a tribe through our shared understanding of beauty.

How to collect quality pieces and create a home

To my surprise Moana got back to me immediately despite me stalking them on a Sunday morning! Perhaps it was my one-two punch in flattery (I’ve been told flattery will get me everywhere) however, I suspect after talking with this design duo that it’s more about who they are at the core, kind, genuine souls excited to share their eclectic vision of what it means to build a quality home.

gates interior design and hunted fox

On today’s show we discuss how to collect quality pieces and create a home along with:

  • Developing a relationship with imperfection
  • The difference between a “decorated” home and a “collected” home
  • How a curated home should be approached
  • Lookbooks and being empowered to create
  • Owning items that have a story
  • Mistakes that homeowners often make
  • Choosing items that aren’t authentic to you and what that does to your home
  • Working from a space of purpose and intention
  • How to choose from love rather than haste, and why it matters
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