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Who knew that after 2020 new terms would be added to our vocabulary like, “shelter-at-home,” and “Social Distancing.” I enjoy being at home. If it were up to me I would enjoy a reprieve like that every quarter. But I’m built differently than most people. I remember several years ago my business coach, Sue Painter, said to me, “It’s necessary that all entrepreneurs take one week off every quarter to rejuvenate and recharge, otherwise the creativity will falter.” She’s right. And that’s not just saying that entrepreneurs are the only breed of professionals needing rest. We all do. We’ve been conditioned to believe that the “everything bubble that goes 24/7” is the only way to get ahead. But have you ever stopped to think about where we are going? What are we all striving for? Running around for? I find it funny that everywhere I look on social media the go-go bunnies are still pushing, telling people they should have come out of this with a new skill set and should be finding new and better ways to work. Geez, what if instead we tried to rest and recuperate from a 100-year bender of survival and chaos? Somehow achievement and productivity have become the gold standard and we’ve all drank the Kool-Aid.

clutter and it affects your Feng Shui

The good news is, from all of this we are now experiencing our homes in a new way. From this, you can recognize how it nurtures you and your family and brings positivity into your life. Are you holding gratitude for the ways it holds your Chi and allows you to rest, laugh, work, care for family, share a meal, and seek pleasure? What else in your life can do that? That’s why I created my course, Your relationship to clutter and how it affects your Feng Shui.

Clutter is far more than the pile of mail on the counter or the junk room down the hall. It’s the bad habits you’ve accumulated over years of conditioning, the toxic relationships you’ve allowed to penetrate your soul, and postponed projects that could bring you great joy but you’ve put off because of………. The bottom line, it’s all accumulated clutter. And none of it serves you.

What most people don’t realize is that depending on your own Chi and how it’s been cared for, your approach to clutter may be filled with ease, dread, or indifference. Take for example someone who is a strong Metal element. I guarantee you every book ever written about the ease of clutter control was written by a Metal person. To them it just makes sense. But ask a Fire person or an Earth person to do the same and they’ll panic or become completely bored by the idea. Clutter is not a one-size-fits-all agenda. You have to approach it through the language of Chi to understand how the puzzle pieces come together for you. That’s why I put this course together. It provides a quiz to teach you what your elemental makeup is and how you view clutter. You learn your clutter language. You’ll also see why understanding this is more about cultivating your Chi to stay happy and healthy and ultimately clutter-free.

And the best part, it’s an online class that’s available now! I wanted to make sure this information was accessible to all and done in a way that allows you to do it on your time. Now more than ever everyone needs to see the value of their home, hold gratitude for her and make her healthy through Feng Shui principles. There’s no better time than the present to start a relationship with your home. And spring is the perfect time to get clutter-free!

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