Similar to my love of spectacular painted doors is my fascination of staircases. Blame it on Scarlett O’hara from Gone with the Wind, Rose Bukater from Titanic or Shelly Long of Money Pitt. In my opinion, stairs have definite architectural attitude. They really set the stage (pun intended) for a beautiful space. Stairs give so much stylish personality to a room. Nothing can add high fashion drama like a grand staircase of carved wood at the entrance of a home. And nothing can add more drama than a glass and metal staircase artfully designed and crafted in the middle of a loft.

Titanic stairs

Rarely does a home with a staircase lack commotion. Stairs add movement, interest and sensational excitement better than any Picasso painting. Here are a few show stoppers that make my heart skip a beat:

Wood stairs

Shall I say more? These beauties are as sexy as they come. Could I saunter down them with grace as Scarlett would? Um, if a face plant is considered gracious, but I could set up my lawn chair and stare at these all day.

Wood stairs

Maybe I am stretching this a bit, but I think we could tune these up to play music. Just gorgeous. Simple and sensational!

Wood stairs


Wood and glass stairs

Words cannot describe…utterly gorgeous!

Wood stairs

And sometimes it just doesn’t get any better than the original! Here the remodel stopped at the stairs and the homeowners left them to shine in all their original glory.

What are your thoughts on stairs?


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Images: Gallery 4, titantic, bearnna akkedd, room for court, We hear it, wood and glass stairs (unknown), blissfulb