So it is hump day. For most, the week drags by especially when it comes to work. For me…yesterday I was sipping champagne for New Years and today I am fixing my air conditioner in the office because it’s May. MAY people! Where did January go? Holy guacamole! And I just know that tomorrow is Christmas. I’m still 19, right? Surely I can have *&^%$ holidays and still be 19, I’m sure of it…… but somehow I think my body will disagree with that. Getting up off the floor isn’t quite as easy as it used to be, and it never ceases to amaze me that I wake up more tired and sore than when I went to bed; how is that possible!? The good news is, I have some fantastic and clever tips to help you through your week.

1) Bread ties

Bread ties

Can we just say BRA-zilliant? Take old bread ties and label various electrical cords. That way there is never any question what you are unplugging……oh dear, yup,… that was the monitor. I repeat, an error has occurred and the computer was not shut down properly….you know the spiel. No more. With everything properly labeled you will unplug those cords like an expert and never get error messages again…at least not from the computer!

2) Repurpose everyday items

Ribbon distribution

Compliments of Spunky Junkie, a clever and useful new way to use your plastic storage tubs. I have a thousand of these plastic containers from target in the AB HOME office. I also have a closet full of ribbon at the office for gift wrap. This idea is efficient, super easy and cheap! And it never fails that when someone buys something they need the item gift wrapped in a snap! This will make our lives so much easier!

3) Technology at it’s finest

Power outlet with USB

From fast mac, power outlets with built-in USB connections. Available in three colors, this ingenious dual device will allow you to charge any USB device like mobile phones, iPod’s, PDA, PSP, digital cameras and computers directly to the wall. This folks is why I LOVE BLOGGING!!!

Can you use any of these items?


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I am very clever and crafty…but I am offended that you mentioned my humps….

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images: unplugged, spunky junkie, fast mac

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