Urban garden

It’s finally beginning to get warm here in Tennessee and never in my life have I been happier to see 58 degrees on the thermometer. Surrounded by “cold trees”, dead grass and salt stained roads, I have been as motivated as Harley on an average afternoon day. (in other words, I have been motivated to do absolutely nothing.) Frigid and stiff, I have managed to get zero done around the house due to frost bite, lethargic tendencies, and plain ol’ laziness. I’d much rather bulk up on thermals, blankets, and lay on the sofa daydreaming of warmer days while watching the final season of Oprah. I suppose you could consider me a reptile. Unless the sun comes out, don’t expect to see me on a rock anytime soon. But like church is to Sundays, the clouds begin to shift, the weather starts to turn and the warmer weather graces us once again. yay! I feel my energy go up, the motivation rise and I know that I have six solid months to make up for the last three that I have done nothing!  What’s on my DIY to-do list this Spring?

The Urban garden

Urban Garden

I absolutely love the idea of an Urban Garden.  A year ago I wanted to purchase a raised planter box made by Smith and Hawkin, and that didn’t work out….RIP! Unfortunately S&H tanked and I soon discovered my yard was 95% in the shade and nothing would grow. Then I discovered this box (shown above) by Urbangarden.bz. It holds up to 54 different plants and it is ideal for herbs, and vegetables. It’s 33″ high, 36″ deep and 4′ wide, and at @ $249 bucks this will more than pay for itself within one season of produce. This micro organic garden, shown above, is built for low maintenance and ideal for condo or apartment living, or my sun soaked front porch! It’s small size fits easily on a balcony or small space and the cedar construction makes for a great look and easy care. Easily grow lettuce, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, peppers, strawberries and herbs.

Urban Garden

I am so tired of buying fruits and vegetables with no flavor. Case in point. Mr. B and I went out to dinner Saturday night and were flabbergasted that our apples in our salads had zero flavor. Then we realized our apples were actually radishes!! When I grew up radishes made my face pucker from their tart, peppery flavor. Unfortunately, many fruits and vegetables are being subjected to various treatments of gases, proteins, and genetic alteration to keep up with demand, therefore permanently changing their flavor (or lack there of). The idea of growing a garden will save money, lower your carbon footprint, and is a terrific hobby to get your kids involved with!

Urban Garden $149

Need other options? Urban garden has many options to choose from for any gardener. And if you don’t have a green thumb (A-hem, ME!) they provide plenty of instruction and guidance to help you grow a successful and yummy garden! How fun, I can’t wait! This is way better than laying on the couch like a lazy….cat!

Garden tips by Harley

“Really? Why on earth would you plant a garden. Just go find one at the neighbors house and chew on the leaves until you get bored….”

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