This past weekend I attended the Harding Art Show. For locals this is a coveted event that has been going on for over 40 years in Nashville, and it highlights some of the best up and coming and established artists. If you followed along via my snapchat page I included more photos along with additional info.


Art is an intrinsic medium or layer to a home. It adds color, depth and texture and gives immediate wow factor. Not to mention, street cred. Why? Well, a lot of people default to cheap art from a box store. Not only is that not art but thousands of other people have that same.exact. piece. Booor-ing!

So what do you do if you’ve decided you want to play in the big leagues and buy original art? It can seem intimidating, right? Well guess what, it’s not! The good news is, original art is on trend, and easier than ever to buy. Plus, ready-made art is so out, and there are plenty of amazing artists that are ready, willing and able to help you take it to that next level, and really give you that wow factor your home deserves.

How do you choose art for your home? Here are the mistakes to avoid when Choosing art for your home:

  • Don’t buy it unless you LOVE it
  • Don’t be intimidated to buy it – even if it’s expensive. If it moves you or makes you happy, it’s worth the investment. Trust me those stupid palm trees from TJ Maxx won’t bring you pure joy like the original piece that makes your heart sing! And your home will look incredible with the good stuff. (excellent feng shui!)
  • Be sure to place your art in context to the room, meaning to scale
  • Don’t hang it too high
  • Mix it up, art is your wild card when decorating.

Here’s a recap of all the amazingness I saw at the show, and my top picks. If you want more info on the artists email me at [email protected]

harding art show















Oh, and don’t forget to follow along via snapchat. Every weekend I highlight something different to bring you the best in design and feng shui, along with my best tips for choosing items for your home.

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