To all our Mama’s

If you’ve read my book, Easy, Everyday Habits to be More Eco-Friendly, you know the journey with me and my Mama. I share tons of stories about my childhood growing up with an eco loving Mama, who was eco before it was cool. She was a pioneer in sustainable ways, before sustainable was even a thing.

I grew up on a farm, full of fruits trees, citrus, tomatoes and even homemade beer. I learned how to meal plan for the upcoming winter, can our harvest, and share our bounty with the neighbors. We knew my local butcher, we never bought anything that didn’t have multiple uses, and we always shopped at Leroy’s – the largest thrift store in L.A! And if our goods and clothes didn’t come from Leroys, my mama made everything else from scratch, including all of my clothes.

As a child I thought we were poor because none of the cool kids lived this way. They had chemical-laden lunches full of things like lunchables and Doritos and wore clothes from places like 5-7-9 and Millers Outpost. Boy was I jealous. My Dad was an Engineer and my mom a registered nurse, didn’t we have money to be normal?

Fast forward to today. Despite going rogue in my twenties (an attempt to be normal) I have now surpassed my eco lovin’ mama. I never realized what a true pioneer she was for recognizing the value of our beautiful earth, but I owe it all to her. Everything. My book,which I mentioned above, is dedicated to her. It is because of her that I started my podcastten years ago, teaching others how to take their power back and learn how to take health and wellness into your own hands. It is also because of her that I am an activist for compassion and kindness; like any true healer she never turned anyone away, always went the extra mile and always treated everyone with great humility and respect no matter their background.

While I don’t believe in celebrating her for only one day, but rather always and in all ways, I do want to recognize what a gift all mothers are to this planet. It is because of their hope, encouragement and love that we become who we are. What a gift they are to the world and humanity.

So to all those great mamas out there doing seemingly weird things to instill greatness in each and every one of us, thank you!

Happy Mama’s Day!!!!