Over the weekend I watched Gleason,The diary of a Saint, a documentary about NFL star turned activist, Steve Gleason. I am not a football fan by any stretch of the imagination and had no idea who this guy was, but there it was starring at me in Netflix. I realized that the reason I watched it was not only to learn more about Steve and his story, along with learning about the debilitating disease ALS, but it also made me realize how fortunate we are even when we have a strong life purpose while on this earth.

Years ago I read a life altering book by Dr. Michael Newton called Journey of Souls. It too was by no accident. In Journey of Souls, Dr. Newton, who graduated from Columbia and was considered one of the most decorated psychiatrist’s in his field, takes you on a journey with his patient Catherine and her many, many past lives. Having been through so many challenging lives Catherine had become quite fearful and neurotic with life, but through her past life regression therapy with Dr. Newton she learned how to live again, and so did Dr. Newton.

I bring up this book because within in its pages about past lives, Catherine explains many deep rooted messages about why we are put on this earth. One such example is paralysis, and the ills of our body that seem challenging and unfair. What’s most fascinating about Dr. Newtons study through Catherine and now thousands of other patients is that we choose our life and our ills. We know exactly the challenges we will be faced with and we know the karma we must overcome. Some souls even choose extremely difficult lives on purpose to progress more quickly.

Because I found Steve’s life to be so profound I knew I needed to look at his numbers. A soul who decides to take on an illness like ALS at the young age of 34 years old, with a pregnant wife, and chooses to fight hard to stay alive is a soul with a strong purpose to change society and its ideals.

Being called to greatness - the numbers of Steve Gleason

Stephen Michael Gleason resonates to a 13/4. This destiny shows he understands transformation on every level. He embodies what it means to be a genius and out-of-the-box thinker. This will be a transformative life of sudden experiences which are meant to wake him up and transform him and those around him. In addition to having a solid foundation with the number four he holds a 37/10/1 life path. This gives him a magnetic personality that attracts great partnerships. It also gives him the highly fortunate 10/1 of instant manifestation in his life. It’s no surprise then that his Saints jersey was also the number 37.

Steve is quoted as saying in 2008 after his NFL retirement that his life was just beginning. What he didn’t realize was that his numerical code of change and transformation was about to move mountains and conquer empires in the ALS world creating new beginnings he couldn’t have even imagined.

In January of 2011 Steve Gleason was diagnosed with Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis, ALS. The diagnosis is grim. Most are given 2-5 years to live, but most don’t make it past two years due to medical complications and rising costs of healthcare. The short name Steve Gleason resonates to a 14/5. This is considered a highly auspicious number known as the media number. It’s no surprise that he acquired fame within the NFL, but it wouldn’t be until his diagnosis and a foundation, Team Gleason that also resonates to a 14/5 that the media number would be double activated. Combine that with his 37/10/1 life path of instant manifestation and it’s no wonder that his foundation has put ALS on the map. No other foundation has been able to bring more celebrity, more awareness or more change than that of Team Gleason. They have provided more chairs and technology than any other foundation to those who could not otherwise afford it, pioneering (yet another trait of the 37/10/1) into the unknown with conviction.

Most ALS victims are completely paralyzed within two years of diagnosis. While their minds and cognitive thinking are still operating at 100%, their bodies and speech most often have shut down. Think about the mindset and perseverance it would take to overcome this fate on a daily basis. And think about fighting that battle in public and sharing it with the world to implement change. That is none other than the powerful 37/10/1 code activated and propelled forward by his 14/5 name code and 19/1 day of birth. A numerical code of change, challenges with freedom, leadership and creating ones own path.

One of the most interesting facts about Steve and his life purpose is his 19 karmic debt. The ancient Chaldeans considered the 19 The Prince of Heaven. With the powers of the 1 through 9 code the drive to see all things to completion is activated. The 19 is independent, self sufficient and will be forced to learn how to believe in themselves and stand on their own beliefs and ideals without the help of others. Luckily through the power of the 19 he’ll have the power to transmute them.

The 19 karmic debt will cause initiation and push him to stand on his own. Using boldness and initiative he’ll move through challenging tests and come out on top by moving through challenging mountains and conquering empires.

Another strong number in his code is the 10/1 leadership. As a leader it will be up to him to create new ideals and forge a path where one may not be created. In this life his purpose will be to give as one of the greatest humanitarians for change, work together with others and find love and family as his strongest foundation.

I dare you to watch Gleason and not be touched or changed in some way. If nothing else learn to be kinder to one another and show compassion to those around us. We all have a mission on this earth and while it may not be as prolific as Steve’s purpose what’s important to remember is this, every thing you do and the lives you touch doing it matters.

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