It’s funny, when I started designing homes in the late nineties they were fussy. Now, had you asked us back then if it was in fact fussy, we would have denied it. We had eliminated the fancy living room that no one used, adopted neutrals, and embraced open kitchens that spilled into great rooms. Granite counters were considered a luxury, and every sofa was covered in cotton chenille. We would have called ourselves hippies at the time, but homes back then had a level of untouchable, or rather uncomfortable glamour. Fussy floral arrangements, gold accents, and faux painting every where.

cabine fever


Today’s home is nothing like that. The definition of glamour in today’s home is one filled with things that make a full life, even if that’s a bit messy. Squishy white sofas, imperfect paint finishes, and lots of eclectic treasures for a laid back vibe that feels like home.

One of my favorite things about a laid-back home is embracing imperfections. I purchased a dresser that was built in the 60’s and made by Ethan Allen. One of the legs was chewed up by the previous owners dog. To me, that is a part of that pieces’ memory, its story, and Im reminded of it every time I see it, which I love.

The best advantage to embracing a laid-back decorating style is that imperfections bring ease into your home. It is a life that dances well with pets, kids and family gatherings. So how on earth can you incorporate this style into your own home? To have a laid-back decorating style

  • Collect rather than accumulate
  • Embrace imperfection
  • Work with all-natural materials like wool, cotton, and linen
  • Mix it up, its about the mix not the match
  • Comfort and function are primary
  • Fall in love with each item you collect


cabin fever

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I think the best thing about a laid-back decorating style is its’ ease of use. Not to mention how the space really makes you feel. Its about surrounding yourself with things you adore, that truly bring comfort into your life.

As the months get cooler there’s nothing better than snuggling up to the fire in a vintage throw. Or sitting on a beat up bench with a beautiful story that you can share with friends. One of my favorite pieces I ever installed in a clients home was a collection of bibles that her father, a priest, had used for his sermons for over forty years. Filled with notes, captions and messages of love they were the perfect addition to her living room to make it feel like home. So ask yourself, how can I get rid of the fuss and add more ease into my life? Follow the list above!

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