On Saturday David and I went on a shopping excursion to find accessories, hopefully, you followed along via Facebook! I get emails all the time from people asking how to accessorize. To me, accessories are where the rubber hits the road. Sure, the big pieces are easy – finding a dining table, a comfy sofa, even a chair or console, but the accessories are what make it come to life. For many of my clients, and others as well, the biggest issue people run into when decorating is finding accessories that make their space pop. Not to mention the biggest challenge is finding places that are available in cities from coast to coast. So if you followed along on Saturday, I snapped a bunch of photos of accessories from Target and Crate and Barrel, two places that almost everyone has access to. My shopping day may have seemed random, but I had a plan, decorate a dining room! Below you’ll find all the pieces I snapped, and here’s how I’d use them:

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 8.37.31 AM

*Dining Table but I did not select this on Saturday, just something to give context to my shopping day.

So there you have it. Be sure to follow along on Facebook and Snapchat to see all my top pics to help you decorate your space – because let’s face it, we all deserve a killer space with rad vibes.

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