Im sure all of you have been wondering where I have been. And if not, I will pretend that ya’ll care because it makes me feel important. ( It is essential to my existence, without it I and my fellow designers will go extinct; it’s a proven fact) To put all of you at ease, I have not been ignoring you. I have been incredibly busy. (eating oreos, brushing my hair, and watching Oprah) hehe Actually, I am participating in the Living Green in Green hills show house, of which I have one week to put together a plan, and install. The event planner, and builder of the home had another designer pull out at the last minute. So who does she call? Yep, AB HOME Interiors, AKA the don’t worry, we will fix it, holy Mary and Joseph crisis, FIXERS! I have quite a knack for pulling things together in very short amounts of time. I suppose it is the combination of stupidity, lack of time to procrastinate, and pure ADRENALINE!

I am a tad worried about the overall look. Because of the lack of time I am using what I got from my own showroom. No time to think, and analyze. No time for research to come up with a killer plan, and no time to be clever. I must say I have put myself in these situations before. With fairy dust, and a little magic I pull off miracles. I believe that the finished product will be awesome. I always amaze myself once the crazy psycho in me calms down! EVERYTHING MUST BE PERFECT!!!
On top of the one week deadline for the show house I am working with my clients and their time constraints,( I currently have 35 active clients!) and we are preparing for our annual WAREHOUSE SALE!!! Over 600 skus go on sale for one day only. It is absolute madness!!! Incredible, stupid prices, on everything from dishes, accessories, lamps, holiday, gifts and more! It takes us six weeks to prepare for this event because it is so big. As if there wasnt enough crazyness to go around I am leaving for Market next Friday for over a week. I feel like an on coming train is approaching me at warp speed and instead of moving off the track to avoid harm Im just staring at the pretty light and listening to the honking horn, walking closer and closer to the explosion!
Hopefully things will slow down as we get closer to the holidays. Just know that I am around. I may not be blogging as frequently as you all may like. (I know how much you love and adore, and wait on pins and needles for my next post!) I suppose it will make each post that much sweeter. I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday, and if you would like more info on the warehouse sale send me an email and I will give you the details!