It was just announced that BMW will air it’s first commercial in four years to build up hype for it’s all new electric i3 car. Unlike most of BMW’s sleeker models, the i3 is more stocky to handle it’s carbon-fiber and aluminum structure, allowing a stronger center of gravity. But unlike most electric cars, the i3 is said to go from zero to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds. Hot damn! When I was in college my saturn could barely get to 60 mph, going down hill on a windy day!

All new BMW i3 electric car |

From what I have read, many critics are pleased with the over all handling, thanks in part to it’s lower center of gravity, mentioned above. My favorite part is that it is estimated to get 81 miles per charge – which is on point with most electric cars on the market, that go half the speed. I assumed that with BMW came performance, and that would drop it’s efficiency, but I was wrong. It charges on a 220-volt outlet and can charge in three hours.

BMW’s all new electric i3 car

All new BMW i3 electric car |

This almost makes me want to get a car. Perhaps BMW has an ambassador program they’d like to put me in so I can try it out? Unlikely, but as much as I prefer to be carless to help Mama Earth, this is a great alternative to eliminate deadly emissions.

What do you think? It’s definitely on point, and a growing trend that I believe more manufacturers will be jumping on the electric bandwagon.