It’s no surprise that the new blackberry Z10 is being very well received not only in the US, but also abroad. Being one of the first smart phones available there were concerns that this new generation Z10 wouldn’t live up to expectations. Surprisingly as an ambassador for Verizon, I often struggle with my new phones trying to locate all it’s features and really maximize on all they have to offer. My learning curves are typically big when it comes to technology! But the new Z10 is super easy to navigate, easy to use and I have benefitted from it’s ease of use because it  has allowed me to explore it’s fabulous accessories.

1) Z10 battery charger

Just pop in your battery and the charger does the rest. Also comes with an extra battery. If you are a guy or gal on the run this is a must have!

2) Screen protector

For $16 bucks this is well worth the investment.Women are notorious for throwing their phones into the abyss of their handbags, which results in scratches and gauges in the screen.

3) Z10 Case

If you loose your phone  in your purse or choose not to carry a purse at all, a case with clip is the way to go. I rarely put cases on my phone, however this case is convenient, sturdy and adds some girth to the phone making it easier to carry. I also have a tendency to drop my phones about ten times a day.

4) Blackberry’s bluetooth speaker

If you like to listen to music this is a must have accessory. I love listening to music while blogging, working and doing emails and such. This device is a solid piece that sounds great and is easy to use. And if you get a call it’s an excellent device to use on speaker phone.

**As part of the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program, I received a free device and service in exchange for my honest opinions. Thoughts and opinions here are 100% my own. **