As many of you know I started my holistic trek into the all-natural world about eight years ago when I embarked on a stressful divorce. Being overwhelmed with unbelievable choices that were being brought up as truths was taxing my body, mind and soul. In a lot of ways I was falling apart internally while externally keeping it together for the sake of my friends and family.

It was during this period that health and wellness became a top priority for me. Healing crystals, chakra meditations, yoga, energy healers, shaman circles, vision quests – you name it I did it for the sake of my sanity. But I did not do it all at once. I slowly dipped my toe into each modality before submerging myself into the ocean.

I first started with meditation and chakra healing. Then moved into yoga and organic living. From there I started more sustainable practices. But all of this happened over a course of several years. I mean, I didn’t want to move too quickly, what if the devil popped out of the bushes, or worse my ex husband!

The best all natural hair care products

It wasn’t until I was about five years into my journey that I was ready to commence with natural hair care. This was one area, similar to make up that I just wasn’t sure I wanted to even consider. Would it be as effective without those nasty sulfates? I mean, at least I was buying high end brands that didn’t partake in animal testing, wasn’t that enough?

To my surprise when I finally dove into the ocean of all-natural hair products I was pleasantly surprised. And I should mention one of the reasons I dilly dallied with indecision was the shear fact that I was using shitty products like Suave. Yep, it was cheap and easy to find, and I liked saving money nonetheless. What I wasn’t considering were the harsh sulfates, phalates, chemicals and toxins. I also wasn’t taking into consideration what those harsh chemicals were doing to my highlights. Sometimes I look back and just think, “you silly girl.”

But here we are fully embracing all-natural hair care without a care in the world. I got the best window seat to view and explore the products and can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner.

Just a few of the perks:

  1. Ummm, no chemicals?
  2. No oily film
  3. Being able to go two to three days WITHOUT washing my hair (raise your hand if you have greasey hair!)
  4. Better for your color
  5. Better for the environment

Trust me, I had so much indecision around this category and for the life of me I can’t figure out why. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made next to meditation, eating organic, doing yoga, being sustainable….OK let’s just agree it was a good decision.

Here’s some of my favorites that you MUST try!

Nourish shampoo. The name says it all! Great for hair that craves hydration, this gentle cleansing shampoo safely nourishes while boosting shine with plants! Find it here.

Nourish Conditioner. A recipe for shine, if you have long hair this nut, seed and plant oil conditioner restores hair with herbal infusion and stimulates the scalp. Plus it just smells darn good! Find it here!

OK so I know what you’re thinking, well I have color-treated hair so I can’t use an all-natural product. Nope, with PureServe you can protect your color while simultaneously promoting good hair health too. Find it here.

Oh hands down one of my favorites! It smells delicious, feels fantastic on my hair and it makes my hair look amazing! Based in vitamin-infused water and organic fair trade African black soap, a creamy, dreamy shampoo that never strips the hair’s natural oils. Its truly amazing! Find it here.

Just as amazing as their shampoo this deep conditioner is my favorite to use. I even look forward to cracking it open every Saturday morning to wash my hair! Packed with rich botanicals this stuff is pure gold and will make your hair soft and shiny. find it here.

Now I’ll admit, I read posts like this five years ago professing how amazing products like these were and completely wrote them off. I just wasn’t ready to hear it. But if you take anything from this article I encourage you to try one all-natural product for two weeks. Just try it. Trust me you’ll thank me and the planet will too!

(the above products are sponsored by the kickass team over at Follain, the premier all-natural company that guarantees they have vetted all their products and made a promise to you that it’s safe. We love them and hope you do too!)