Ok so you’re new to Feng Shui and wondering, what’s the best free feng shui advice to get me started? Feng Shui can change your home and life, but what if you are just starting out and have no idea what you’re doing? How can you achieve design that’s energy aligned with a tool you know nothing about?

Here’s the cool thing. This one tip will change everything and it will immediately have an impact on your life. How? Because that’s how Feng Shui works. In this video I share advice on how to take command and why it matters. Here’s a terrific testimonial from Tom:

Amanda and I have known each other in Nashville for several years. But I always told her to keep her feng shui to herself. I din’t believe in that hooey. She had been telling me for over a year to move my desk. I think out of spite, and disbelief I chose not too. Plus I loved looking at the birds out my window. But then she gave me a challenge, move my desk for only 30 days. A little experiment of sorts, so I did. Holy cow, I kid you not, three real estates contracts that I had been sitting on for over a year, and kept getting stalled came in the same exact day I moved my desk. There was no way it was that simple. She just laughed and said, “Well when you turn your desk around you turn your life around.” I didn’t really understand it, but I’m sold.

In this video I offer you the best free feng shui advice to help you align your energy immediately. Here in Nashville the feng shui trend is just starting to blow up. Nashville loves feng shui! This one feng shui tip is not only free but a terrific tool to help you get started in the word of energy alignment. For more advice be sure to head on over to my youtube channel for more free feng shui advice!


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