A few months back I received an email from a gal who found me on houzz.com. She was in need of a designer and Houzz has featured me numerous times because the writers love me….seriously what’s not to love? Actually, I think it was just one of those things where she needed a designer, I fit the bill and everything just fell into place smashingly. However, she was hiring me on her dad’s behalf. He is a builder here in Nashville and likes to do things….let’s say at the speed of light, possibly faster. Well I am a busy gal so in order for me to work at a high rate a speed it’ll cost you. My team and I can do anything and make anything happen…anything, but we charge accordingly.

Well Dad wasn’t so sure about this policy. He wanted fast but wasn’t sure he wanted to pay for it. Luckily, the one making the final decision was his daughter and she pushed him into hiring me. I was hired to redo the exteriors of an old farm house that is over 100 years old. Along with exteriors I was also hired to select paint, create flow for the interiors and design a new kitchen from scratch. This is what I had to start with:

This is a terrific example of why hiring a designer makes the difference. Mr. K (AKA: Builder) wanted to just repaint the exteriors and call it a day. He also wanted to do dark kitchen cabinets and faux paint the cabinets with glaze….something that is very, very out of style! Here was my vision:

I wanted to create direction for the entrance. With so many open columns your guests need to know where the front door is. By creating a winding path, painted columns and beautiful landscaping it gives the house beautiful curb appeal and directs the guests straight to the front door. Also terrific feng shui! The results:

Still a few things to be added but a superb improvement. Exterior colors used:

Tune in next week and I will show you the kitchen! Another improvement that turned out very well! Need your exteriors updated? Need some curb appeal? Call me to set up an appointment.

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