According to Feng Shui principals it is highly inauspicious to place a bed in front of a window. It blocks valuable chi from entering and exiting the space and can create stagnate energy if clutter is close by. But what happens when nothing else works, and it just feels better? All rules are meant to be broken. I have this very issue in my own bedroom. I have placed the bed all over the room, but it always ends up back in front of the window. I sleep better, the room feels better and I have a view of all doors….another very valuable principal in Feng Shui… I look at it as “pick your battles, and go with what feels right!”

Here are some great examples when a bed in front of the window “works”.

Southern Living Show House, AB HOME Interiors

Depending on the rooms layout and the approach to the bed, sometimes it just looks better in front of the window. Above is a perfect example. When I did the Show House last fall it was important that everyone approach what I call the “A” wall with visual drama. The door into this space is just to the right of the bed. Had I placed the bed on one of the auxiliary walls the color, and impact of this design would have been completely lost. Go with your gut and looks best within the space.

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