Becoming Vegan express edition

I remember years ago when I first heard of the Vegan diet. I was fifteen and face to face with a stage four cancer patient living vibrantly. At the time my mom was a home health nurse. Why on earth she took such a noble and energetically draining job surpassed my teenage understanding, but she made it a point to take me on ride alongs during my summers out of school to get a dose of reality. She wanted me to have a greater understanding of family and the necessity to hold what is dear to us close; (and that wasn’t the latest handbag or pair of shoes, or going out with Shane Breaux, god he was handsome). All things said, I really appreciated her doing this. To this day those interactions with her patients are still close to me. It also put me on a path of true understanding of where our food comes from and why we should eat specific foods.

This particular patient Frank, taught me about a plant-based diet. He taught me that brightly colored foods held greater antioxidants and those helped fight free radicals-basically the osama bin ladens of our health system. While I did not become a Vegetarian until my thirties, I continued to eat many fruits and vegetables just as Frank had taught me.

Today I am about 90% Vegan. I know that isn’t really a thing. It’s an all or nothing kind of commitment, but for the most part I eat no dairy and I eat absolutely no meat. I will occasionally have an egg for breakfast and I just love having blue cheese every once in awhile on a salad…but other than that, I’m vegan! haha Becoming vegan has become quite mainstream today. I remember looking for books on the subject back in the 90’s and there was next to nothing at the library. (We didn’t have internet or amazon back then; barbaric times, I know)

Becoming Vegan is an excellent introduction to the subject offering readers information on how to create an all plant-based diet for themselves easily. It also discusses the tremendous impact of adopting a plant based diet on our health and our planet. While the reasons for adopting such a diet varies, most choose it for health reasons, ecological footprint and the plight of animals in our horrible animal food production system. In fact, the book brings insight on the treatment of animals and our lack of connection between consumers compassion for animals and what is on their plates. Think I’m kidding? Watch Vegucated. When you see how animals are treated and how food gets to your plate you will not only be in tears but you will be disgusted. Animals have no say or choice, but you do.

Becoming Vegan shows overwhelming evidence that a plant-based diet is a huge step for optimal health not only for you but for our planet. A win-win!