Grey interiors

Grey and white interiors

Grey, linen and white interiors

Gray and white interiors

images: from greenwich

This trend of limed oak combined with linen, white and grey is a look that has been around for awhile. In fact it can almost be deemed as the official look of Atlanta, and Darryl Carter in my opinion. But the “trend” of it really started coming on to the scene in the spring of 2008. When I went to Atlanta Market that season I purchased several pieces of it for the showroom and I remember when Mr. B saw it on the dock for the first time. “Are you crazy woman!?”, “Who in the world is going to pay for an old beat up piece of furniture?!” he screeched. Yes, I was the crazy one………he of course has no recollection of these very poignant conversations. Why? Because he is in LOVE with Restoration Hardware’s new collections and thinks THEY are brilliant  for mixing things up and making tables that epitomize farmhouse, American style. Ummmmmm, does anyone else see a problem with this? Of course not, I am the crazy one…..

So what do you think of this new trend of lighter raw woods and pale neutrals?

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