Meditation can be one of the most beneficial practices you incorporate into your daily life. This daily ritual promotes more serenity in your day-to-day life and brings you more clarity of mind and focus. I’ve been meditating for about twenty years now and I’ve found that there are a few things I always use and need. As we wrap up this month of August and start getting the kids back to school, a meditation practice can ensure sanity and clarity of mind to keep you in a positive state of mind.


Now these items aren’t necessary to meditate. The simple act of sitting in a chair in a quiet space for ten minutes has profound benefits. But I have found that the ritual of setting up a meditation area is just as important as the act itself.

Here is a list of my favorite items that I use every day in my meditation practice. I call these my meditation essentials. Plus, be sure to check out this audio I did earlier this year on, How to Create a Meditation Space at Home (even if you have no room!)

My 7 essentials:


Meditation blanket | Meditation pillow | Incense | Mala | Singing bowl | Mantras | Meditation cards |