Well it is that time of year. I am headed to Atlanta for the Home and gift Market, and I am so excited to meet Dayka Robinson of Meditations of life and style. If you remember, I posted my elation in this post about how excited I am to hang out with this talented, fabulous gal.

I am even more excited about hanging out with her as she chauffeur’s me around Atlanta like the Big D of a designer I am! By the way- She’s taking me to a V.I.P event Thursday night who happens to have as their guest, none other than Jonathan Adler himself!

Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler

I have a laundry list of things to do, and see but I will take photos along the way to keep you posted. I will report back all of the upcoming trends, and color movements. I will also be happy to show you this years animal fashions that will be seen everywhere. We’ve seen owls, horses, fish, ducks, penguins, birds, antlers, just to name a few. Market is also a great way to view market trends in spending. If Market is strong, then buying power is up, and this is good for business’ all around.

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