I constantly talk about living a true lifestyle on this blog. And I am a stickler for living a glamourous life. Too often potential clients have a preconceived notion that design has to be expensive. That is has to be over the top, and essentially out of their league. But what most people don’t realize is design is not about expensive. It is about luxury.
What do I define as luxury?

Luxury is about indulgence, whether big or small, but gives the smallest things grandeur. Luxury is charming, beautiful, and spellbinding. But most importantly, luxury is about magnifigance, easy splender, and guiltless laziness. ~ Amanda Burdge
Callaway Real Estate

Luxury is not about money, it is about the simple pleasures in life that influence your mood.
A good night’s sleep, a wonderful cup of coffee, or fresh flowers on your nightstand. It is a rich meal with friends, or a fabulous pitcher you found at a flea market for $2, yet makes your heart skip a beat. No, luxury is not about money but rather a realization that the finer things really do come in small packages, and none the less, take your breath away. That is true luxury.

Nicole Yee

Here are a list of AB HOME’s favorite things to add a little luxury in your life:

1) All things vintage like this smith corona 1970’s orange typewriter

I just LOVE THIS!!
$395 on etsy

2) Numi Tea
Numi Tea out of San Francisco has an array of organic teas
to die for!

3) Versai Linens
These are a wee bit expensive. A set of sheets will set you back
about $500, but well WORTH it!
(you may never get out of bed…Is that so bad?)

4) Paddywax Candles, The Classic Collection
Paddy Wax Candles $24
There is a reason I carry these in my store. These candles are hands down the
best in the business. They are soy based, burn clean, and just so happens
the company is ran and operated by women. LOVE that!

5) Memory Tiles by Sid Dickens
Sid Dickens

I adore art, and I adore collections.
Sid Dickens memory blocks are the perfect combo for both!
They are handmade peices of art at an incredible price,
and they make great gifts!!

What are some things in your life that make it luxurious?
What are some things that make it glamourous?

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