Soo…the results are in for the Toast of Music City and I couldn’t be any happier to announce that we won! Best Interior Design Firm, Gates Interior Design. Thank you again to all who voted! We are humbled and honored to be your Toast of Music City Interior Designer.


Early this week I shared some fast tips on how to choose your countertops. And it got me thinking,

Do you love your countertops? Or are they merely functional?


Kitchen before pic. We are currently remodeling this so stay tuned!

After reading Tuesday’s post about countertops, a client told me a story about how, after completing a cross country drive, she arrived at her new apartment (that her husband had picked out) and immediately hated it. To be honest, she went from a large 4-bedroom home to a 575 square foot one-bedroom apartment. To make matters worse it came with ugly counters. When her husband asked her what she hated about it, other than the size, the first thing that she blurted out was, “I HATE the countertops.”

updated kitchen

Some may think countertops are just a small detail. However, they can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your kitchen. The above kitchen showcases labradorite counters. In feng shui, labradorite is said to promote healing, transformation and helps calm its’ occupants.

You may find yourself in a situation where the countertops you love just don’t work with your lifestyle. However, there are a LOT of options available and I promise that you’ll be able to find something that meets both the beauty AND the functionality you need. My post from earlier this week gives you plenty of options How to Choose Kitchen Countertop Materials, so don’t be a slave to existing counters, choose to make it work for you.