My team and I had the pleasure of installing a fun and colorful space on Wednesday, for a very color deprived family! As with many clients I meet,Mr. and Mrs S purchased their home and had no furniture! So in a rush they ran down to the furniture store and bought everything they needed……the only problem was, it was all the same finish, stain and all very neutral! Booo! We need color in our lives folks…color makes us happy! Just asked the client and she will agree it is now her favorite space in the room, why? Because color makes us happy!

Before install

So when I met with Mrs S about two months ago I noticed that she had zero color and this odd space above between the kitchen and the family room. A sea of wasted space. I thought to myself that this would make a terrific seating area for morning coffee or to read a book.

The idea I had was easy. Add some comfortable seating that transitioned well between the two spaces and kickstart the space with COLOR!! After she approved the design my team and I got to work. We ordered the furniture, went shopping for accessories and scheduled deliveries. I had a strict budget to adhere to and I was missing the mark on artwork. I had originally made a budget of $600 for art and Mr S wanted to see if we could do it for $150. I searched high and low and could not find anything. Then she gave me a budget of $300. I still could not find anything that was “just right” then the angels graced our presence, began to sing and Mrs S said I could have my original $600 budget. So off to Atlanta I went and found these beauties:

In an art gallery in downtown Atlanta this set, originally $2000 was being moved out for the next show at a steal of $600. I was sold! I called Mrs S and she confirmed that they were great! YAY!

After we got shipping confirmation on the furniture the install date was set, and I’m pleased to say the results are amazing!

Super fun and super full of color! All it takes is a little splash to really brighten up your day. And my day was totally brightened up when I got this message after posting Mrs S on facebook this morning:

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