A major shift is occurring in our country and hopefully for the better. A few weeks ago my friend and holistic healer, Lori Jacobs, wrote this research paper about the food that we eat. (I also stole a line from her paper for the title of this blog post because it resonated with me to the core.) It is sickening to think that corporate America is driven by materialistic greed rather than the health of it’s country, but its commercial interests have interfered in our health system for almost a century. Medicine has been “for sale” and pharmaceutical companies have corrupted the institutions of medicine, publications and research to the point that everything is pill driven, including the answer to our deteriorating health from the food we eat.

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In the 1900’s 1 in 50 people had cancer. Today? 1 in 2 people have cancer…..this includes me, and I am now a vegetarian because of it. Two thirds of all Americans are overweight, 1 out of 2 people is on one or more prescription drugs and over 100 million people in our country have high cholesterol. Why has this continued to be a growing problem? More companies make a living off of health problems (like cancer) than those of the healthy and because of this we have been force fed medical propaganda as an answer to all things. Why aren’t we looking past the curtain to see the real wizard? Or rather, why have we refused to pay attention?

When “research” is done on a products safety it is funded by big business like Monsanto, Dupont, Bayer, Dow, Sargenta and many others. Who’s interest are they going to protect? Did you know that there are over 30 different names for MSG? That’s right, Mono potassium glutamate, Gluamate, Glutamic Acid, Hydrolyzed Vegetable protein, Hydrolyzed Plant Protein, Sodium Caseinate, Yeast extract…..and these are just a few examples of what are more common. Concealed so the uninformed, and unwilling don’t know what they are consuming.

We have lived in Nature throughout our history. Living off the land in our own sustainable ecosystems, we have always relied on ourselves to produce our own healthy meals. But within one century all of that has changed. Which brings me to ScareCrow. A new commercial by Chipotle that has been seen by over seven million people and will likely be four times that at the rate it is hitting the internet. It moved me in unimaginable ways and I cannot thank Chipotle enough for pushing back and making a difference.