Upholstery can make a drab piece of old furniture come to life in an instant. And upholstery doesn’t stop at the sofa. Headboards, barstools, even a wall can be upholstered. Everyone is on a tight budget these days, so doing a little research at a garage sale, grandmas house, or even craigslist can produce some really great finds! Select a fabric that meets your budget and head down to the upholstery shop. You will be surprised at what a little TLC and new fabric can do to an over loved item. The best part is by reusing an existing piece it also helps the environment. Now that is a green idea! Photos courtesy of house beautiful and cottage living.

Upholstery Trends:

With some great sailcloth these wing chairs have been given a second chance at life.

A simple upholstered headboard adds softness to a room and also provides comfort for reading in bed.
Upholstered barstools add comfort, style and functionality. Many barstools like these have additional storage inside.

A banquette is uber chic, and adds a sophistication to a plate of pancakes and a cup of joe like no dining chair can. It’s more intimate and easier to work around in small spaces.
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